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Course Registration & Fees

Taxi Periodic Training - Transporting Children and Young Persons (Including Child Exploitation Awareness) IN CENTRE COURSE


Course Duration: 7 Hours

Price: From £35 per person

Drivers should not complete the same course

twice in a 5 year period unless there is a specific need.

If you would prefer to attend this course online, please return to the course registration menu and select the “ONLINE” option for this module. Availability subject to government Covid restrictions.

(please note this course is also suitable for Category D licences - If you require an upload for a bus CPC Card in addtition to a Taxi licence please return to the course booking menu and select First Aid & Personal Health and Wellbeing for Driver CPC)

Course contents:

Preparing the vehicle to carry children and young persons safely Conditions of Education Authority contracts Carrying out vehicle inspection and inspection of ancillary equipment They will also have an awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and your role in preventing it.

Customer Service / Disability Awareness (PCV)

Legislation (including Drivers Hours, Rules and Regulations and the Working Time Directive)

Prevention of Criminality and Trafficking

Professional Driver and Company Issues

Regulations for Carriage of Passengers (PCV)

Vehicle Systems (Safety Controls)

Vehicle Systems (Transmission System)


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Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, Driving Licence Number, Date of Birth, Driving Licence Categories Held

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